Apple announced use of recycled rare earth metals from undisclosed supplier to manufacture new iPhones, reducing dependency on China

September 20, 2019

  • Recycled Rare Earth Metals – Apple revealed on September 18, 2019 plans to use recycled rare earth minerals from undisclosed supplier to make Taptic Engine component in new iPhones
  • Taptic Engine – Actuator that generates haptic feedback in smartphones, as if clicking physical button, first introduced in original Apple Watch and later integrated in iPhone 7
  • Other Developments – Also working on projects that would enable company's own recycling robots and traditional recycling equipment to recover rare earth metals
  • Existing Recycling Efforts – Recycles enclosures (outer built of electronics) recovered in trade-in programs to make new MacBook Air laptop computers, in addition to cobalt from old iPhone batteries into new smartphones
  • Sustainable Sourcing – Can help company more sustainably source materials, given trade tensions between U.S. and China, which mines 80% of rare earth supply, though Apple said its decision to recycle is not related to China

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Sectors: Consumer Durables, Information Technology, Mining and Natural Resources
Function: Supply Chain and Logistics
Organization: Apple Inc.

Original Publication Date: September 18, 2019

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