Global Cryptocurrency Awareness in Selected Countries

Global Cryptocurrency Awareness in Selected Countries

Proof Point

Cryptocurrency awareness highest in Austria, Poland and Romania among countries surveyed by ING in 2018

Global Cryptocurrency Awareness in Selected Countries

2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from ING study of 14,828 across 15 nations (Europe, U.S. and Australia) on March to April 2018

Proof Point Findings

  • Cryptocurrency – Digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to regulate generation and verify transfers, independent from any central bank
  • European Awareness – ING survey found 66% of European consumers, on average, have heard of cryptocurrencies in 2018, led by citizens of Austria (79%), Poland (77%) and Romania (75%)
  • Belgian Falling Behind – Only 38% of Belgian consumers were aware of cryptocurrencies in 2018, falling behind all other surveyed countries
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include rapidly-increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as a new investment class, growing consumer and institutional interest in fiat currency alternatives, and proliferation of businesses that accept cryptocurrencies to complete transactions


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October 29, 2018

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