Number of US$ Millionaires Globally

Number of US Millionaires Globally

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Global number of millionaires expected to grow 46% to 49.3 million by 2020, driven by growth in Asia, Europe and North America

Number of US$ Millionaires Globally

2015 and 2020F (millions)

Note: Asia Pacific includes India and China.

Proof Point Findings

  • Global Millionaires – Number of worldwide millionaires, or those with wealth above $1 million US dollars, expected to climb 46% from 33.7 million in 2015 to 49.3 million by 2020
  • Growth Across Regions – Number of millionaires expected to grow across all regions; while Africa's 11.5% CAGR is fastest, its absolute number remains minimal compared to other regions
  • Decline in North American Share – While North America’s share expected to decrease from 49% to 45%, number of millionaires forecasted to grow from 16 to 22 million
  • Oversized Impact – Though millionaires currently make up only 0.7% of total population, they own 45%, approximately $116 trillion, of global wealth
  • Asia Pacific and Africa Wealth Drivers – Millionaire increases in Asia Pacific largely driven by China and India economic growth, while Africa's increases come from banking, telecom and property industries





Date Last Updated

December 8, 2016

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