Which 2015 predictions should matter to you
AcceleratingBiz Team, December 2, 2015
We reviewed nearly 400 predictions about forecasted 2015 developments published online by 170 pundits, identifying 47 “Accelerators” that should matter to your business. Our analysis finds that technology-enabled changes are pervasive, acceleration is the new norm, complex interrelationships between Accelerators amplify changes and increase risks, and that industries and consumers are impacted in significant and transformative ways. As a result, businesses must evolve rapidly in 2015 in order to remain successful.
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Our exploration of the opportunities and threats brought about by the Accelerating Business Environment™ is just beginning, as we seek to answer key questions that help business leaders anticipate, assess and address these changes, including:

  • How are the number of and interconnections between Accelerators changing over time?
  • Where and when are the most significant market disruptions likely to occur?
  • In what ways are Accelerators and the market disruptions transforming business models?
  • How are financial results – revenues, profit pools and market values – shifting between companies and industries?
  • What are the best strategies for not just surviving, but taking advantage of developments to accelerate growth?

We encourage you to join us on this journey. Help guide us on what we explore next by letting us know the questions that are most important to you and providing feedback on this deliverable. You can reach us at hello@acceleratingbiz.com.

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