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About Us

AcceleratingBizTM is a next-generation advisory firm that helps leaders and their organizations anticipate, assess and address disruptive changes brought about by the Accelerating Business EnvironmentTM.

We help boards, CEOs and leadership teams:

  • Anticipate. Understand how technology-enabled trends are disrupting markets, transforming business models and shifting financial performance
  • Assess. Evaluate threats and opportunities, challenge conventional thinking, and define realistic action plans
  • Address. Address opportunities and challenges, scale successfully, disrupt industries, and realize significant financial value

At AcceleratingBizTM, we practice what we preach by extensively leveraging technology – including proprietary databases, decision-making tools and collaboration platforms – to enhance the value and quality of our insights and analysis. Our team of experienced U.S.-based strategy professionals works closely with our Philippine-based Strategic Research Center to deliver significant value quickly and cost-effectively. And we partner with a select group of experienced board members, senior executive change catalysts, and consultants to help companies transform themselves for success in the Accelerating Business EnvironmentTM.